Niran Shrestha

Niran Shrestha, Principal

Nepal is one of the most fascinating destination of the world map of Tourism. It has plenty of things to offer to tourist. Majority of the tourist visit Nepal for its exoticism and mysticism. They come to enjoy the Himalaya & other natural wonders. Visitors are enchanted by the innocent happiness and simplicity of the people. Unparalleled natural diversity has made Nepal a destination second to none.
So, Nepal has a great potential for hospitality industry but the industry never succeeds without competent manpower. Shangrila Tourism & Hotel Training Center is a vibrant Training Center focused on teaching & learning and helps to realize innovative knowledge and produce quality manpower for hospitality industry. Our alumni, faculty, students and staff share a passion for this institution that is unparalleled.
Our programs, service and quality-of-life facilities are intended to make best use of your potential and to accomplish the aspiration of life in addition to the accessible coursework, the faculty members aimed at preparing the students with solid foundation demanded by today’s & tomorrow’s professional careers.
Good luck to your learning!