Shangri-la Tourism & Hotel Training Center is a name of an institute that produces a capable manpower for hospitality profession. A clear recognition to human resource as a best asset of any organization makes us to step into this mission in April 2000.
Most of our instructors are trained and have long experience at home and aboard, provide training with international standard making the trainees capable to work anywhere in the world.

Globalizing free market economy and demand for quality have made any economic activity more competitive and challenging than ever and in the meantime it provides more opportunities too than ever but no opportunity serves well unless one is well skilled to be availed of the opportunity. Our effort is to make the trainee not only qualified to harness the opportunities but also create an opportunity by themselves.
Apart from technical skill and knowledge a special emphasis has been given to social skill, hygiene and sanitation. These cover essential principle for trainees to be successful in their work.
The secondary objective of Shangri -la is to provide job placement service to its bona-fide product at home and abroad. Shangri-la is in touch with many business organization and manpower supplier in order to provide job placement service.
Shangri -La has got affiliation to Euroskills in collaboration with Lincoln University, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and associates with Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) and  Nepal Association Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA).
Most advance methodology has been adopted to teach by Shangri-la. Self-prepared audio-visual system and course book is used to make learning easier, effective and interesting.
Shangri-la is the winner of International award The Bizz 2018, awarded by World Confederation of Business, USA.